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ACC Library: Request an Orientation

Request a Library Orientation

So you want a library orientation?

We have found that the best sessions come from collaborative planning and communication with the course instructor. We do require that all instructors attend sessions with their students to increase classroom engagement and ensure that students have clarity about course and assignment expectations. Experience also shows that students get the most out of library instructions sessions when they have a research assignment to work on, so please schedule a date after students have been introduced to their assignment.

Sessions are most effective when:

  • Library instruction sessions correlate with specific course assignments.
  • Syllabi and assignment information are submitted with the instruction request.
  • Students are familiar with the assignment and have topics pre-selected.

To request an orientation, click here. 

What is an embedded or course integrated librarian?

An embedded librarian is a librarian that is integrated into an online class for a period of time to support the students in their research process. By adding us to your Moodle class as a non-editing instructor, we will make ourselves available for a period of time (usually a week or possibly two at different points in the semester) to answer any questions your students may have regarding their research or library services. 

If you have any questions regarding these services, please contact us.