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Why Cite?

Why is citation important? One should always cite their references in the work for several reasons.

  • Shows the reader that you've done the proper research.
  • Gives credit to the authors whose work you've used.
  • Allows reader to consult your references for more information.
  • Avoids plagiarism.

About the Library

Where is the Library Located?

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As an ACC student, you can check out a variety of different types of library materials.  Here's a brief selection of what is offered.

Check out limits  - 7 items at a time
Books - 7 books for 30 days
DVDs - 2 DVDs for one week
Audiobooks - 2 audiobooks for 30 days
Magazines - for use only in the library

In order to check out library materials, you are required to present your ACC student ID.  If you do not have a student ID, please review this information on how to obtain one.

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