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Looking for basic library information? Start here.


Where is the library located?

The library is located on the third floor of the Gee building. To access the library from Main building, use the walkway by the bookstore on the second floor.

How do I contact the library?

To contact the circulation desk call us at (336) 506-4116. For individual staff members, you can find their contact information here.
You can e-mail us at

How do I get a library card?

Your student photo ID now serves as your library card. To activate your card, students must present the student photo ID and your student ID number. 
Community members must present a valid photo ID with a current mailing address.

How much is a library card?

Your library card is free. A lost student ID must be replaced through public safety. For the current replacement fee, check with public safety.


Are there computers available in the library? What programs are available on them?

The library has 21 computers available for use. Each computer has Windows 7 and Office 2013 along with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Can I print from the computers?

Printouts from the computers are $.05 per page for black and white prints and $.25 per page for color. The print management systems takes cash or credit/debit cards.

Is there WiFi available?

Yes, the acc-guest network is available without a password.

Do you have a copier?

Copies are available in black and white only and are $.05 per page. The copier takes cash or credit/debit cards.

Do you have a fax machine?

No. The library does not currently offer fax services.

Do you have a scanner?

There is a scanner available to use located at the back of the library.

What types of materials do you have? How long can I check them out? Are there limits to what I can check out?

The library offers books, DVDs, and audiobooks for check out. There is a limit of 7 items total checked out at one time.
A limit of 7 books can be checked out for 30 days.
A limit of 2 DVDs can be checked out for 1 week.
A limit of 2 audiobooks can be checked out for 2 weeks.
Magazines are available for in house use only.

Can I check out reference books?

Reference books are not available for check out and must be used in the library only. You may make copies or scans of the pages that you need.

Do you have the textbook for my class?

The library does not provide textbooks. A textbook may be on reserve for your class, but it's not guaranteed. Check with your instructor to find out if they have reserved a book for their students' use.

Where can I find a book that's been put on reserve?

The reserve books/DVDs are behind the circulation desk. You will need to know the class number (e.g. ENG 111, SOC 210) for the item to be retrieved.

How long can I keep a reserve book?

Generally, reserve books may only be checked out for an hour at a time and are only available for use in the library. There may be exceptions to this depending on the class.

Do you have more than just educational materials?

Yes. The library houses a large fiction collection that includes classics and more recent fiction along with many of the latest bestsellers. There is also a large young adult fiction collection and a children's book collection as well. The library also purchases many of the latest blockbuster movies on DVD.

What if you don't have what I need?

The library shares resources with the other 58 community colleges in North Carolina. To check the other schools' collections, click here and change the option in the drop down box from "Alamance" to "ALL."

If none of the libraries in the system have the item, you can request an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for the item to be sent from another library system.

Can I request the library buy a certain book?

Of course, but a request is not a guarantee. Fill out this form, and the library staff will review your suggestion.

What happens if I don't bring a book back on time?

We do not charge fines for overdue materials as long as the item is returned undamaged. If the item is lost or damaged, you will be charged the replacement cost. Fines must be paid in order to obtain your grades or transcipt.

How do I access the online databases?

Visit this page and click on a database. You will be prompted to enter your Self Service credentials. 

What databases can I access?

In addition to the number of databases provided through NC LIVE, the library also offers access to the following.


History Reference Center




Biography in Context
Opposing Viewpoint in Context


Culinary Arts Collection
Gardening/Landscape and Horticulture Collection


Grove Music (Oxford)

Baker and Taylor e-Books




Is there somewhere to study in the library?

There are a number of tables, study carrels, and chairs throughout the library for students to use.

Is there somewhere a study group can meet in the library?

The library has three study rooms available for groups of two or more students. The study rooms must be reserved and are available on a first come, first serve basis and can only be reserved for up to two hours at a time.

I need a quiet place to work. Is there somewhere like that in the library?

Yes, the quiet study room is located in the back of the library. Talking is prohibited in the quiet study room.

Can I eat or drink in the library?

We ask that you not bring food or drink inside the library.

What about my cell phone?

Brief, quiet conversations are permitted. For extended conversations, please take your cell phone outside of the library.


Can I have someone come talk to my class about using the library?

Yes. Click here to schedule an orientation. We can tell your students how to use the catalog, how to search the online databases, or how to find reliable information on the internet. If there is a particular topic you'd like us to cover, please let us know.

Do you have the textbook for my class?

We can put textbooks on reserve for students to use in the library, but you have to let us know. You can request a book that is already in our collection, or provide a copy yourself. Just submit a completed reserve form application along with a copy of the book at least three days before telling your students the book is available in the library. You must have an active library card before submitting your request.

Do you have a projector I can borrow?

Yes. We have projectors and laptops available for instructors' use. These must be reserved at least one day in advance and must be picked up by the instructor and returned to the library. Library staff will not deliver or collect these items.

Can I bring my class to the library for research?

Yes. If you'd like to reserve one of our study rooms please let us know in advance.

About the Library

Where is the Library Located?

Learning Resource Center
First Floor (Temporary Location)
Gee Building

Contact Us

Call Us (336) 506-4116
E-mail Us

As an ACC student, you can check out a variety of different types of library materials.  Here's a brief selection of what is offered.

Check out limits  - 7 items at a time
Books - 7 books for 30 days
DVDs - 2 DVDs for one week
Audiobooks - 2 audiobooks for 30 days
Magazines - for use only in the library

In order to check out library materials, you are required to present your ACC student ID.  If you do not have a student ID, please review this information on how to obtain one.

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